Since the re-establishment, SHRAK is firmly and successfully developing, especially in promotion and education of the younger generations. Kosovo Amateur Radio Association has compiled the training courses curriculums for the Entry-Level radio amateurs, based in International Standards accepted by the International Amateur Radio Union – IARU – and the National Association for Amateur Radio – ARRL.

As a result, during October-December 2013, it has trained above 52 new radio amateurs, mostly students of Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering in University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina”. Local trainers were VjollcaBelegu-Caka (Z61VB), FehmiBojniku (Z62FB), FetiFazliu (Z61FF) and DritonSadiku (Z61DX), while international visiting trainer was MarttiLaine (OH2BH), who presented the material provided by Croatian Amateur Radio Association – HRS – and Radio Society of Great Britain – RSGB, under the supervision of the IARU Region 1 president Hans Blondeel Timmerman (PB2T), and the representativeNicola Perčin (9A5W). After successfully finishing the organized exam by ARKEP and SHRAK, under the assist and supervision of IARU, 50 new radio amateurs were licensed with the Technician License (Entry-Level).

Till April 2014, according to the ARKEP regulation for amateur radio services, there were totally 85 radio amateurs licensed, from which 65 based in Kosovo and 20 international.

-          9 operators in the HAREC Level,

-          6 radio amateurs in the CEPT Novice Level,

-          50 radio amateurs in the Entry-Level,

20 licenses for International radio amateurs.