Amateur radio is a great technical hobby for all, which provides technical qualification and entertainmentat the same time. This hobby is applied by the radio amateurs’ communication through the amateur radio stations placed in their homes or specific clubs. One amateur radio station transmits words, Morse’s code, data or images. Besides entertainment, radio communications are valuable public services in different emergency cases, when any other communication means fail.
Radio amateurs are spread, according to the international agreement, in a wide range of frequencies (or bands) that can be used for communication with each-other. Some of these bands are more suitable for short-range communications (within the town), while the others for worldwide communications.
Some radio amateurs are happy to talk with other radio amateurs in the world (for personal or technical cases), while the others prefer the competitive aspect of this hobby by participating in worldwide competitions, measuring their operating skills against each-other. Some of them explore the new broadcasting and radio techniques, while the rest enjoy experimenting with new antennas design.
Over all, they can communicate with astronauts in the International Space Station, or with other radio amateurs through a number of amateur communication satellites circulating around the world.
Every day, thousands of radio amateurs can be heard communicating in the radio waves, therefore why not being part of the magical amateur radio?