A group of 9 people participated in a DX expedition in Albania, Durres city, between 17 and 21 headed by SHRAK President Vjollca, Z61VB together with SHRAK Board members Fehmi, Z62FB and Driton, Z61DX plus Marijon, S56A; Pekka, OH2YY and Martti, OH2BH, representing Goodwill Mission Kosovo.

Albania being today a well developed country, it was a pleasure to arrive in the coastal city of Durres – one of the region’s major tourist and cultural attractions. Two stations were set up with ZA1KS soon hitting the airwaves in addition to an extensive social program. Hours of discussion followed in a relaxed mode and a visit to Tirana and a meeting with the regulatory authorities were on top of the list. We wanted to thank them for allowing this group activation. Additionally, extensive talks were held with a local, Lazer, ZA1V to compare notes and build cooperation between the two countries.

The four days spent in Albania were a source of happiness for all those involved ans ZA1KS participated in several international and regional contests.



SHRAK President Vjollca, Z61VB summarized the occasion as follows:

On my personal and SHRAK’s behalf, I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you all for a wonderful job done and the good time we had together during the DX expedition to Durres between 17-21 September. It was a marvelous experience and a pleasure for all of us at SHRAK to meet in person as part of this very meaningful activity, and enjoy the time spent together in Durres. We appreciated your company and learned a lot from your extensive experience and the friendly spirit not only as hams of our respective countries but also in terms of our relationship with our radio spectrum regulators.

Seasoned DXer and IT professional Mario, S56A summed up the weekend as follows:

Goodwill Ambassador Martti, OH2BH organized yet another nice ham meeting, and I thoroughly enjoyed the five days spent in hot Albania.

Pekka, OH2YY was a great station master and antenna installer. I also enjoyed meeting Professor Caka with whom I shared a lot of professional experience in electronics and linguistics. My old friend Lazer, ZA1V made my last day great by showing me the old capital Kruja and the bustling new capital city Tirana. A cold autumn here in Ljubljana makes my ZA1KS memories even warmer. Thank you, SHRAK.

Local resident Lazer, ZA1V gave full credit to our Goodwill Mission along these lines:

I was very pleased to meet the SHRAK group as part of this Goodwill DXpedition to Albania. Your inspiration has, in my personal opinion, given added meaning to the development of Amateur Radio in general and particularly in Albania and Kosovo.

As regards further cooperation and clarification of any opinions, any suggestions that we mutually consider at any time, I am ready to discuss and participate. Notwithstanding the current situation, I have at my private, personal and individual expense, over the course of many years taken part in many events in Amateur Radio HST and ARDF organized by IARU Region 1 in the Balkans and elsewhere in the world.

Whenever an opportunity arises in the field of Amateur Radio, we in Albania are ready to share our experience with other countries.

Given the bonds that have now been forged, we are looking forward to a return trip, hopefully in the form of a workshop with regulators and hams alike fully in accordance with the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) charter.

The total number of QSOse realized under the call sign ZA1KS in Durres is 1617; SSB 1272 and CW 345