The main goals of SHRAK include:

-          The expansion and development of technical education and education of the citizens, especially children and youngsters interested in the field of electronics, telecommunications and information technology.

-          Cooperation with high schools, universities, professional associations, local and central institutions, and other public institutions relevant to the technical field.

-          Development and promotion of common communication system for the radio amateurs.

-          Promotion and distribution of information in the fields of amateur radio, electronics and telecommunication through promoting materials, educative texts, and different seminars and conferences.

-          Promotion of good international relations, human rights, and needs of people with disabilities.

-          Organization, training and participation of radio clubs and amateur radio activities in important special fields, such as: emergency and humanitarian cases.

-          Organization of sports and technical activities in the field of electronics and radio communication.

-          Assurance ofconditions needed for the radio clubs and radio amateurs operation, through buying and maintaining amateur radio equipment.

Membership in the International Amateur Radio Union – IARU Region 1, and exchange of experiences and practices in the field of amateur radio.