Kosovo Amateur Radio Association – SHRAK – is a multinational non-profit organization for amateur radio services in the territory of Republic of Kosovo. SHRAKacts according to its statute in coordination with its Assembly decrees. It respects and practices its activities in the institutional level according to operative legislations in Republic of Kosovo, and European regulations and standards for the amateur radio activities. As the only association of this activity in Kosovo, SHRAK is the main cornerstone and promoter for country’s amateur radio developments.


Initially SHRAK was founded in 2000, however due to the lack of its call sign it could not be active. On 29th of August 2008, the Government of Republic of Kosovo obtained the Decree No. 01/89 for the usage of Z6 as a call sign for its whole geographical territory. Thus, on September 2012 SHRAK was re-established as a non-profit organization according to the no. 16 regulation for Amateur Radio Activities in Kosovo, approved by Regulatory Authority of Electronic and Postal Communications – ARKEP